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Kleiner Österreicher Hansi

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Murauer Bier

04.05.2013 14:30 - Andrew

Murauer. Rein das Beste. It has been a considerable length of time since I tried this fantastic beer. Austria produces a large number of excellent beers, but this one, in my opinion, stands head and shoulders above the rest. Britain does not too badly in terms of imported beers. There are a lot of places with good beers, from whence to import, not least Austria's neighbours, Germany, Czech and Italy. But Austrian beers as a whole are very underrepresented on the shelves of British supermarkets. So Murauer, not exactly the largest, has little chance. So imagine my delight in discovering I can order it here! It has been so long, in fact, that the last time I bought a Murauer, I paid for it in Schillings.

Victor Schmidt 50st

28.04.2013 00:31 - Larisa Tustin

I have first tried Mozart chocolates in 1997 for Christmas. I found them at the store of one of the Air Force bases in US. I couldn't understand why no regular store around here carry them. They were in a gorgeous red and gold colored box, which I've kept forever, storing some special Christmas cards in it etc. The pieces of chocolates in that box were of different shapes and they have had different fillings, but they were all incredible! Each of them was peaking through that clear plastic window of the box, promising a joy of excitement. I don't know if that box and the whole arrangement purified my taste back to the way it was when I was a child, or the promise of the eyes of someone who knew what excitement was and knew how to deliver it awaken the taste buds I did not know I've had. But I kept going back to that box several times a day even when I knew that I shouldn't have any more for that day. I went back to that store every year, to make sure that no matter what Santa had in mind for me, my Christmas was exciting and very special. Once I was unable to go to that store, I couldn't find my Mozart anywhere else, and it became a distant sweet memory for years. Until I've decided to search for them online. And - here we are! My very special treat is so close to my reach! They are for me, not a gift to anyone. Because I don't trust anyone to appreciate them as fully and thoroughly as I do :)

Mozarttaler 15st

27.04.2013 17:44 - Ellen Almroth-Ericson

Want to have received the order by Frid 03May13

26.04.2013 21:46 - Jerry Winans

My family took a dream vacation to Austria and Deutschland in July 2012. A high point for us was a chartered Sound of Music tour that took us around Salzburg and into the nearby region. We stopped for a wonderful snack at at a gasthof restaurant overlooking the lake at Sankt Gilgen. It was a beautiful view, a very well-run restaurant, and a warm day. That's where I had the best bier of my life -- Osterreichische Kaiser DoppelMalz Brau Tradition. Unbelievably good! So good I took a photo of the bottle so I could remember the name! I took some wonderful photos of my family with the hills and lake in the background. Then I had another Kaiser DoppelMalz bier! Sadly, it doesn't appear to be easily available here in the States. I have looked all over here in the States (Muncie, Indiana) and have not found this bier here. What a pity -- it's such a great tasting brew. You're doing a great job with this product! I have tried to describe its smooth flavor to local brew pubs and they never seem to have heard of a double malt beer. Your product is so good I will be ordering some online now that I know I can! Danke!

Almdudler Dose

24.04.2013 07:25 - Alicia Knight

I was born in the US but as a baby my family moved to Vienna Austria. I spent the first 12 years of my life in the beautiful city of Wien eating Tichy's, Schokobananen, and Knabanossi... and , of course, drinking Almdudler. My sister and I used to save our Schillings and once a week we would go down to the corner Kielpunct and buy some candy and a can of Almdudler. The other American kids I knew who lived in Wien were always talking about the American treats that they had shipped in. Orange Crush, snickers bars (which you couldn't buy in Vienna at that time) skittles, and Doritos. I didn't quite get it. Aside from the Doritos, would take an Almdudler and a bar of Milka (which you couldn't find in the States at that time) over all those American treats any day of the week. Well, now I am all grown up. I live in Michigan with my own family and I try and tell them stories of my childhood. Now days you can find just about any kind of treat or snack at an import store or specialty candy shop... but I still have never come across a can of Almdudler. So I'm going to order a whole bunch. I can't wait to share it with my family.

Sissi Kugeln

23.04.2013 22:34 - Gerry Mansfield

So pleased to have found this site! Just back from Austria and have run out of chocolate....need supplies....can't wait!!

Suchard Velma

19.04.2013 16:35 - Vera Snykers

My daughter Velma,who was born in 1998, was named after the character played by Charlotte Rampling, in the Dick Richards Movie, 'Farewel, my lovely'based on the Raymond Chandler novel .It is a fantastic film noir, also featuring Robert Mitchum. I could get hold of the old movie advertisement and thought that was all there was to know to her name. When she was still a baby , I was watching another movie about the war,I think it was' Distant Voices, Still lives' but I'm not completely sure about it.Anyway in the movie, was clearly visble an old advertisement that read: 'Velma, chocolates, by Suchard. Those were the days when PC and internet was not yet common in most families, so I never really looked it up. Only recently,did I hear, there is a place , called Velma, in Oklahoma, USA.So after a litlle bit of surfing on the internet, not only did I find the exact place's coordinates, but also text and images on your fabulous chocolate. Do you think one could still get hold of old advertisements of Velma chocolates? My girl Velma is very pleased by the whole story and would like nothing better than have her poster. You see the name is not at all common in Belgium, she has never ever met another girl with the same name.

Gurktaler Alpenkräuter

19.04.2013 01:58 - Carole K

I picked up Gurktaler on a trip through Austria and love it! Had to find out how I could get it back to Minnesata (USA) and am happy to have found it here! Much thanks!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 9st

17.04.2013 08:16 - Katherine

We purchased a few Mirabell Mozart Chocolates from Salzburg whilst on holiday in Austria for gifts and to try ourselves. We loved them. They are so delicious. Will definitely purchase some on line for friends and family to try.

Manner Schnitten 4st

16.04.2013 15:04 - Sonja

I drive to Austria regularly as my mother originates from Austria. Manner schnitten along with Almdudler, is on of the regular 'stock ups' that I carry out just before driving over the border. Try to chose a reasonable size of supermarket as I do load up with plenty of packs, my favourite being the original hazelnut wafer. I have sometimes managed to buy some Manner schnitten in the UK but for over a year I've not found anywhere to easily buy them. I have relatives in Vienna and I happened to be there for my birthday and we spent a day in the centre, the highlight of which was visiting the Manner shop near Stephans dom. I came out with a stupid grin on my face clutching a T shirt and a large tin of the wafers all of which had been paid for by my father as a birthday present. He said that was the easiest present decision he had had to make! Considering I was well into adulthood at the time I suppose you could say it was a bit childish, but eating Manner schnitten (& where possible drinking almdudler) always brings a smile to my face and a feeling of relaxation.

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