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Kaiser aus Österreich

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Gösser Bier

15.11.2012 09:52 - Timi

Das beste Bier der Welt!

Mozart White Vanilla

15.11.2012 03:38 - Cecilia Cygnar

I have been to Austria twice since 2005 and each time I have to eat some of your great food but mostly STOCK up on this fantastic white chocolate liqueur. There really is nothing like it. It's creamy and perfectly sweet -- not too sweet but not underpowering. It's the perfect before dinner drink and the perfect after dinner drink. Each night in my hotel, I would use this Mozart White Chocolate as my nightcap. Sadly, the distributor in the USA stopped carrying this Mozart liqueur...actually all Mozart products. So, I cannot find it anywhere in the States. Thankfully, I head to Europe once or so a year so I can find some in London or Paris. Though, it's not the same as having it in Austria. I do have a trip planned to Vienna in 2013 and even though I am excited about seeing all of the sights (I've only been to Salzburg), I REALLY cannot wait to have some Mozart White Chocolate and take some home as well. Maybe I can even have some shipped home. It is sad that this liqueur is what I am looking forward to but that just proves how good it is!

Victor Schmidt 50st

13.11.2012 15:58 - jon hansen

I am a violin teacher and mozart is my favorite composer. I love to give your wonderful chocolate to my students as inspirational gifts.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

12.11.2012 22:55 - Helen Marsh

My grandma was born in Vienna and we spent many summer holidays with my great grandparents in Vienna - I remember Mozart kugeln as one of teh iconic things associated with Vienna -they are delicious!

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

12.11.2012 10:29 - Nora

hola! hace un par de ańos mi marido y yo estuvimos visitando a un familiar que vive en Munich y tuvimos la oportunidad de hacer un poco de turismo por la zona. Uno de los días cogimos el coche y lo dedicamos a ir a Salzburgo, debido a la proximidad. He de decir que me encantó la ciudad y pasamos un día genial. Yo ya había oido hablar de este tipo de bombones, pero no los había probado nunca y la verdad pensé que no me iban a gustar porque soy más de bombones sólo de chocolate, no de mazapán. Pero bueno, estando allí sería imperdonable no comprar una cajita, así que entramos en una de las múltiples tiendas que los venden y nos llevamos una, pequeńa. Nada más salir de la tienda abrí la caja para probarlos y la verdad es que me encantaron!! me parecieron uno de los mejores bombones que he probado nunca, y de una vez me comí tres, es decir, entre mi marido y yo nos acabamos la caja que acababamos de comprar. Volvimos a entrar y esta vez nos llevamos una caja más grande para nosotros y un par de cajas más para regalar. Ya de vuelta en Espańa le llevé a mis padres una de ellas como detalle y la verdad es que a mi madre también le encantaron, todavía a día de hoy me habla a veces de lo que le gustaron estos bombones. Como se acerca ya la época navideńa quiero regalarle una caja, porque sé que le hará mucha ilusión , pero no los encuentro en ningún sitio, y de momento no tenemos ningún viaje previsto dónde los pueda comprar. Menos mal que he encontrado esta web, así podré hacer un pedido online y volver a probar estos deliciosos bombones.

Milka Schokolade Alpenmilch 5x100g

12.11.2012 08:08 - Tony Navarra

This is my Girlfriends all time favourite chocolate ! ! We are from Australia and it is nearly impossible to find here , so I am so excited to find it here ! ! ! I will be buying some and surprising her for christmas :) ! ! ! ! We first tried it here in the Aldi stores, and got so addicted to it, and we have not had any Milka in nearly 3 years :( . We looked everywhere, searched many stores even ebay :) for that famous purple wrapped chocolate. There seem to be so many amazing flavours, I look forward to trying as many of them as possible !!!!! Especially exciting is the milka Naps. These look great to have with coffee and great guests to the amazing addictive intoxicating indulgent flavour of Milka :) . My mum will love to try the Milka with grape and nuts. I think for my brother, he will really enjoy the oreo, cookie and cream, milka variant. One thing is for sure. It has been a long time without the delicious smooth creamy flavour of the most amazing of all chocolates, Milka, but thankfully that is all about to change !!!!

Victor Schmidt 50st

12.11.2012 01:56 - Misako Fergusson

The first time I had this was about 30 years ago when my mom brought home from Austria. I've loved it so much since then. I was so glad to find this again at the store in USA and this is always my holiday season treat.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 9st

11.11.2012 21:24 - Rachel

I've seen these chocolates featured in several youtube videos I watched. They look absolutely wonderful! Gonna try to get my hands on some of them :)

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

11.11.2012 20:44 - LAGACHE

Mozartkugeln ... Ma madeleine de Proust ! Ma mčre me les ramenait d'Autriche quand j'étais petite. Je ne pensais pas les retrouver un jour. Merci Internet ! Noęl va ętre délicieux cette année !

Milka Triolade 270g

11.11.2012 13:46 - Tanja

My favourite milka chocolate !! Love

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