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Kaiser aus Österreich

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Ottakringer Bier Dose

24.11.2012 21:22 - Michael Miles

Vacationed in Vienna. Ottakringer was the BEST Beer I found. Trying to locate it in US.

24.11.2012 03:03 - max

I bought this one and I loved it. It happened when I was passing through Germany last year. It is so perfect, nothing else can be compared to it at all. Now I think nothing else can really taste good in my mouth anymore.

Victor Schmidt 50st

23.11.2012 19:58 - kristin n

When i was a little girl my mother used to bring these home from the place she studdied and i remember i appriciated it soo much. We both have this as our favourite chockolate,and every christmas for the last 5 years i buy her a big box of these so she can enjoy it all year around. I only found them at a really expensive kiosk not far from where i live. to buy those there cost way too much,but what dont we do for our beloved parents? i was so happy when i then came across this website with good prices and alot to choose from. Its spread in the family like a fire on a hot summer day- to be buying these to our mothers on special occasions. i still havent met a soul who say they dont want to taste, or that they does not like them. its a big homerun as a gift or just something special - to almost everyone:) as a chockolate lover i cant say i have found any chockolate who tastes as perfect as this and i hope that more people discover them so they are to be sold in many more stores where i live.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

23.11.2012 19:10 - David Johnson

My wife & I visited Salzburg in June 2012. We had a great time in the city of Mozart & of course, visited all the Mozart related sites. While in Afghanistan, my wife told me that she wanted Mozartkugln for Christmas. I told her it might be something of a challenge as the Afghans aren't known for their Mozartkugln, but she said my daughter had found them here I am.

Samichlaus Bier

23.11.2012 18:55 - Per Funke

Have had this beer for several years until now. It seems that our Swedish stupid monopoly won't sell it this and coming years. IT SUCKS! Can I order it?

Gösser Bier

23.11.2012 13:45 - Monique

this beer is one of the best beer in the world... at the same time its light it has a delicious malte taste that is just amazing.. for those who appreciate a good beer i so recommend this one.. it is so worth to give it a try... Once you drink it you will want it more and more... even my friends from brazil liked it when i brought them this beer to try

23.11.2012 13:30 - Mr Jim E Mills

I bought Frey in Hamburg at the Airport and my family loved it.

Milka Schokolade Erdbeere 270g

23.11.2012 10:46 - manuela volpi

La prima volta che assaggiai il favoloso cioccolato Milka con ripieno alla fragola fu nel 2003 ,quando con mio marito ,allora fidanzato,andammo in vacanza in Alto Adige. Dopo aver visitato le dolomiti del versante italiano,e rimanendo qualche giorno di vacanza ,abbiamo approfittato della vicinanza per fare un piccolo salto in Austria. come prima destinazione abbiamo scelto Innsbruk. Cittadina deliziosa e romantica, molto carino il centro con tutti quei negozietti di souvenirs e ........cammina cammina ecco che arriva un languorino mattutino.Cosa possiamo mangiare? ci siamo detti , e... ecco lì,proprio davanti ai nostri occhi una vetrina con tanti tipi di cioccolato. Uhh! guarda! il Milka alla fragola! Siamo entrati e abbiamo comprato una confezione. Straordinario!!!!!!!!!!! non avevo mai assaggiato un cioccolato così .Io vivo in Italia ,ci sono molti tipi di cioccolato,e nei negozi si trovano tanti tipi di cioccolato Milka, con le nocciole ,al latte ,con il riso soffiato(il preferito di mio marito)...ecc. ecc., ma alla fragola non l'ho mai visto. Siamo subito ritornati nel negozio e ne abbiamo comprati altri tre,. Quanto pensate siano rimasti interi? E' un vero peccato che qui non si possa trovare e non sempre si può andare in Austria. Ma finalmente ho trovato questo sito,un negozio on line che vende il cioccolato Milka alla fragola.Sono veramente molto felice!!!non vedo l'ora di mangiarlo. Ah! non ditelo a mio marito, sarà una sorpresa.

Nannerl Schnaps Marille

21.11.2012 22:22 - Troy Ruscheinsky

Do you ship to the States?

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

21.11.2012 20:32 - guillier

très bon chocolat que ma collègue de travail me ramenait d'Autriche je le dégustais doucement pour prendre plus de plaisir ça fait bien une vingtaine d'année que je n'en ai pas mangé !!!

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