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Zipfer Urtyp Flasche

01.09.2012 13:01 - Henk Bonnema

Zipfer is das beste bier,woll gerne was bestellen. Jedes jahr trinken wir das in Austria

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18st

31.08.2012 10:38 - cockenpot

Je suis allée en autriche il y a fort longtemps alors que j'étais au collège en classe de 4°, j'avais alors 14 ans, c'est là que j'ai découvert ce chocolat que j'ai adoré . Ma correspondante (la fille chez qui je logeais près de Vienne : Gerda) m'en avait offert une boîte. On s'amusait avec ma soeur à défaire le papier délicatement pour ne pas le casser et on essayait de l'aplatir pour lui redonner sa forme carrée d'origine !!! Malheureusement, j'avais des difficultés à en trouver en france , puis en voyageant j'ai découvert qu'il y en avait en vente dans les duty free des aéroports et donc là à chaque fois que je voyage, je vais m'acheter ma boite de mozartkugeln. J'ai donc déjà emmené mes mozartkugeln un peu partout sur la planète ! Le plus drôle dans l'histoire c'est qu'avant je me disais que je n'aimais pas la pâte d'amande et depuis que j'ai goûté ces chocolats je mange de la pâte d'amandes ! Puis je me suis dit qu'à l'heure actuelle , il serait certainement possible d'en trouver sur internet , j'ai donc cherché et je suis tombée sur votre site, je suis trop contente ! J'adore ça !

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 9st

30.08.2012 21:55 - sue biedla

My husband is from Kaprun (Salzburgland) in Austria and I was first introduced to Mozart Kugelns in 1981 on my first of many visits to Salzburg ...I have eaten them at every opportunity since ....I absoutely love them!!!

Veltliner Handverlesen

30.08.2012 14:34 - Sofia Denoux Maahr Hansen

The Green Veltliner wine is a perfect wine for me, because it matches with almost every dish, from fish to pastas, is simple, delicious and a rainbow of taste in your mouth.

Milka Schoko&Keks 270g

28.08.2012 02:05 - Hannah

I travelled to Europe at the start of this year with my friend, and before arriving, I had never heard of Milka Chocolate before. My friend, on the other hand, was obsessed with a particular flavour of Milka! We must have searched through about 20 different grocery shops in about 5 different countries to find this flavour, without luck. Finally, in a little shop in The Netherlands, we found it! She was beside herself, and had to resist buying 10 blocks of it. I bought a block, seeing as she was convinced that it was the most amazing chocolate in the world. And after tasting it, I have to agree. It is the best flavour of Milka ever, and probably my favourite kind of chocolate! I'm about to order some for her birthday since we can't get this particular flavour ('schoko and keks') in Australia. Looking forward to stealing some from her! I haven't tried many other flavours but seeing as this flavour is so great, I will probably order some other flavours later this year. I hope Australia starts to get more flavours of Milka, because at the moment we just have one or two. Definitely not enough in my opinion!

Casali Rum Kokos

27.08.2012 22:26 - LiK

I used to eat Casali Rum-kokos candy all the time when I still lived in Europe. I love the rich chocolate flavor and the crunchy coconut shell and the liquid rum filling is the perfect finish. This treat is very rich and I definitely can not handle eating more than a couple of them at any one time. However after moving to the US I have not seen them anywhere. Just recently I decided to look up online if it is sold anywhere in the US for a reasonable price. I came up to a couple of websites and was able to find a couple with prices that I would be willing to pay for this treat. I have to say though that this sweet is not for everyone. I have friends in the US who can not stand the flavor of this candy, for them it is too sweet and the rum is way too strong, So if you do not like rum or other strong alcoholic drinks then I do not think this is the treat for you. I can not wait to taste this candy again, it is definitely one of the candies that I miss the most here.

Mozart Tasse

27.08.2012 18:46 - elena ceccarini

è un prodotto molto rinomato e si caratterizza per la sua bonta' e originalita' da moltissimi anni. impossibile rinuanciarvi per gli amanti delle specialita' dolciarie austriache

Milka Oreo 5x100g

23.08.2012 04:35 - Chanel

I discovered this amazing chocolate when I spent the summer in Salzburg, Austria this past summer. A friend let me try a piece and instantly I fell in love. Unfortunately, this particular flavor of chocolate bar isn't sold in a lot of places, so I didn't get a chance to have it often. Then one weekend, my fellow co-workers took a trip to Milka Welt in Munich, Germany and I knew I had to make a trip there myself. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to catch a two hour train there with some other co-workers who wanted to go to Munich, but of course walking to the train station took more time than we expected and we missed the first train. We waited for the next train, but discovered it was not headed for Munich like we expected. I knew we would make it eventually, so I didn't worry. We got off at the next stop and waited for the next train. On the next train, we searched everywhere for a seat, and finally found comfort in the dining car. When we had our tickers checked, we were informed that again this was the wrong train. I thought my chocolate dreams weren't going to come true after all these struggles. After the next train, we finally made it to Munich and after a bit of sightseeing, we made a beeline to Milka Welt. Surprisingly, they were having a sale because it was their anniversary year, so I bought up a storm!! I have been back in the states for a week and have depleted my stock and now I need more. I love this bar and plan on buying a lot more.

22.08.2012 17:23 - Beverly

I went to Zurich in the spring and came back w/ this Chocolate! it is the best Chocolate that I have ever ate! it melts in your mouth leaving you to want more.

Victor Schmidt 50st

22.08.2012 17:09 - Scott Camp

After many years in the U.S. studying the music and lives of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Bach, and all the other European composers, my wife and I were able to enjoy a visit to Vienna and Salzburg, the capitol city of classical music, and its summer festival companion. Rather than trying to stuff our suitcases with the irresistable Mozart chocolates, I'm hoping to find these online (especially the marzipan version) to share with my piano students, friends, and family. What better souvenir? We found it amusing to find that Herr Mozart has found a new calling in today's world. He is more than making up for his tragically short number of years, by working double shifts now as famous composer, but also as the sales representative for these wonderful chocolates. Mozart's picture is almost everywhere in Vienna and Salzburg, reminding tourists to take advantage of this delicious souvenir. One of my most awesome piano students/families gave me a collection of these chocolates last Christmas, and another family has brought me back the Violin shaped container from their travels to Germany. I am hoping now that we are back in the U.S. that this will be the perfect way to secure these delicacies in enough quantity/value to share with so many of our friends, family, and students!

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