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Tiroler Toni

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Mozart White Vanilla

01.01.2013 00:08 - Dana

I have to admit, this is the BEST white chocolate liquor I have ever tasted. But here in Canada it is VERY hard to find, and only available at Christmas time (so it seems). Guess I am going to have to take a trip and bring an empty suitcase to stock up. This is one amazing product!!!

Suchard Velma

31.12.2012 19:42 - consider ross

Best dark chocolate made!!

Nannerl Likör Marille

30.12.2012 19:54 - David Fletcher

Like many schoolchildren, I too was a passing piano student. And like many amateur pianists, I had a passing understanding of Mozart the composer, and was aware of his sister, the beloved Nannerl. Yet, for all of that worldliness, I was frightfully unaware of the exquisit liqueur that was and is manufactured under her name. And so, it was a great surprise to make Nannerl's acquaintance at a wonderful shop in Salzburg back in 2002. Needless to say, we've become fast friends. Perhaps the most brilliant characteristic of Nannerl liqueur is its subtlety. The apricot essence is pungently caught in a way that makes Nannerl not only desirable as either a pre-dinner cordial or an after-dinner digestif, but also as a wonderful ingredient for cooking all sorts of sauces, fruit fillings, and glazes. A touch of Nannerl can add that certain je-ne-sais-quoi to delicate meat dishes, or perhaps to poached pears, apples, or apricots. In other words, its only limits are those of your imagination as the head chef or host of your next dinner party! For most, though, the soft touch of Nannerl is most often experienced as a golden ounce or two in a lovely crystal glass, surrounded by friends. That's how we share it at our house. When the occasion calls for something special, it calls for Nannerl!

Gurktaler Alpenkräuter

30.12.2012 00:47 - Clarence Oetken

I am 98 yrs. old and remember always having this in our home. Would love to Just see it again. Remember having to take it when we had any medical problem. What does it cost in Dollars?

Kaiser Fasstyp Flasche

26.12.2012 12:12 - John siira

Innsbruck 1982 . First time abroad. The perfect skiing day. Stop at a lodge for a refreshment. Kaiser & a brat. Heaven on earth. So memorable

Samichlaus Bier

22.12.2012 21:51 - Lance Mazmanian

The Indiana Jones of beers, whip included...

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

22.12.2012 05:41 - Nina

Hello, I am Nina from Canada. I am so addicted to those chocolates, and because they are very difficult to find in my country, I must order from your site. I hope I get to visit your country one beautiful day.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

21.12.2012 01:05 - André KObesnen

When I was child, we had a Wiener Sängerknabe as a visitor in our family, when they were doing a concert in our region. I don't even remember his name or face anymore, but I remember his daddy had a Porsche and the Mozartkugeln, their wonderful taste, he brought. Since then, I know how unique they are and I like them a whole lot. And now for Christmas (and for my birthday) they're my gift for me and perhaps some people close to me. So, Merry Christmas and the Lord's blessing to all of you!

Linzer Torte

20.12.2012 19:56 - franck gauthier

je suis à la recherche de biscuit appelé Linzer augen en avez vous ?

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

20.12.2012 03:38 - Madelyn

Mozart’s make everything better. They serve to bond my husband and my mother; they are the perfect Christmas gift, surprise gift, or decadent treat; they are a guiltless pleasure; they are a little piece of heaven wrapped in gold and adorned with the portrait of a musical mastermind. They are next to impossible to find. There are a few secret places local to me in New York where they can be found … supposedly. And I won’t tell where. First, because I haven’t found them in these places myself, and second, because if I do find them, I want them for myself! Either way the boxes are too small to sufficiently satisfy my taste buds. I need more! Alas, I found the mother hub from where they come. And so now I can order them in bulk! My family and I are gluttons for Mozart’s. Just today my husband said he is craving them and hopes my mom will find some soon. Little does his know she stopped by tonight to drop off a box. In fact, she even dropped off 2 boxes! He will be so excited when he gets home from work! You have not experienced greatness until you taste them. Once you do life will never be the same. Thank you for your delicious creation.

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