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Puntigamer Bier

09.01.2013 14:57 - Marcus Mahe

This beer is simply the best. I often visit the Steiermark where this beer is brewed and it is the only beer I will drink whilst on my holidays visiting friends and family. I always wished it was more readily available in the uk. However this site makes it possible to get my favourite beer, I find no beer here in the UK can compete.

Zipfer Bier Urtyp

09.01.2013 01:04 - Sandra

I had my first Zipfer in Austria in one of the Restaurants.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

08.01.2013 22:29 - HISHAM RAZAK

My first teast was in 1980 during family visit to Austeria. I was hooked. Whenever I am traveling I vist the candy stores at the airport to pick Mozart. last week I was presented with the chocalate and decide to secure my supply through the internet.Her I am trying to place the first order.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

08.01.2013 20:12 - brigitte

bestelle von mirabell 100 stueck mozartkugeln € 44,59

Mozart Black

08.01.2013 12:32 - fevre

merci de mefaire parvenir une bouteille de cette liqueur de chocolat noir

Wiener Zuckerl

06.01.2013 15:33 - Edith Duval

Quel bonheur pour moi d'avoir fait goűter ŕ mes petits-enfants les Manner Schnitten und Wiener Zuckerl que m'offrait mein Liebe Omama lorsque j'allais, enfant, la visiter ŕ Wien. Grace ŕ votre site web j'ai pu retrouver ces produits qui m'ont été livrés rapidement et bien emballés. Je suis enchantée et je vous souhaite une bonne année 2013.

Victor Schmidt 50st

06.01.2013 07:42 - Wow09

the first time I had eaten this chocolate was on vacation in center parks. we were there for the 25th time and we got an anniversary package with all this good stuff and 2 glasses with mozart chocolate. We were there also because it was my birthday, years ago my mother told me that she eat this cholate when she was young. She loved it. She told me that i could have that cholate out of the anniversary package. So i did and when i tasted it i got a smile on my face this was the best chocolate I have ever eaten. Unfortunately we have never been able to find this in a store. I looked everywhere. 2 years later i discovered a store in berlin. They had this chocolate and i bought 3 boxes. But that was the last time i went to berlin so i never eaten it anymore. Now i have found this site online and i gotta buy it immediately. This chocolate is made in 1890. I know it because my grandmother her mother bought it always for her and my grandmother bought it always for us when i was young because i liked it so much

Mozart Black

05.01.2013 15:23 - Tammy

Our travel agent/friend visited your country over the Holidays and brought us back a sample of the Mozart White and the Mozart Gold. WOW!! Impressive. I immediately went online to see if I could buy it here in the United States. I didn't see it here but found I could buy it online here and was THRILLED. After reading some of the other reviews. I think I will also try the Mozart Black. I can't wait to purchase it and have it shipped here and share it with our friend who turned us on to it! What a GREAT liqueur.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

05.01.2013 15:02 - Sunyoung Heo

When I was on honeymoon, I tasted Mozart Kugeln, it was so amazing!! I couldn't forget the taste. Luckily, I got the box from one of my friends. The box reminded me my lovely and sweet honymoon. :)

Estragon Senf

04.01.2013 11:12 - janni mortensen

this is the nicest mustard ever but you can only buy this in austria,we buy it every time we are passing through austria we buy tons viele grusse janni mortensen denmark

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