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Victor Schmidt 50st

12.11.2012 01:56 - Misako Fergusson

The first time I had this was about 30 years ago when my mom brought home from Austria. I've loved it so much since then. I was so glad to find this again at the store in USA and this is always my holiday season treat.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 9st

11.11.2012 21:24 - Rachel

I've seen these chocolates featured in several youtube videos I watched. They look absolutely wonderful! Gonna try to get my hands on some of them :)

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

11.11.2012 20:44 - LAGACHE

Mozartkugeln ... Ma madeleine de Proust ! Ma mère me les ramenait d'Autriche quand j'étais petite. Je ne pensais pas les retrouver un jour. Merci Internet ! Noêl va être délicieux cette année !

Milka Triolade 270g

11.11.2012 13:46 - Tanja

My favourite milka chocolate !! Love

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18st

10.11.2012 16:19 - MOMUS Dominique

Il y a douze ans j'ai eu la bonne surprise de recevoir une boite de ces merveilleux chocolats de la part de clients autrichiens . Aimant beaucoup tous les chocolats , je n'en avait jamais mangé d'aussi bons ! Ce chocolat mélangé avec de la pâte d'amande , quelle merveille ! J'ai changé de société et donc je n'était plus en contact avec ces personnes qui m'avaient envoyé cette boite à merveille . Depuis j'ai mangé beaucoup d'autres spécialité de France mais rien de comparable . Il y a quelques jours j'ai commencé à pensé aux cadeaux de Noël et je sais qu'un membre de ma famille est très gourmand , et comme un déclic j'ai repensé aux chocolat Mozart et grâce à ce site je sais qu'il y aura au moins un heureux pour les fêtes de fin d'année . Maintenant que je sais où les acheter je suis très contente car il est impossible d'en trouvé en France . Il est certain que je vais très bientôt en commander et cette fois , pour moi.

Samichlaus Bier

10.11.2012 10:43 - sergio gatti

ottima birra, degustata con il cioccolato bianco

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18st

10.11.2012 08:38 - Miss I. Grujic

I spent several months in Vienna way back, when I was in college, and I ate it almost every day, I just could not resist is. They are tasting great, especially if you like marzipan like I do. If you ever in your life visit Vienna, Mozartkugel are definitely must! Mozartkugel are truffles with a pistachio marzipan layer, a hazelnut marzipan layer, almond nougat, and two chocolate shells. The truffles are fairly substantial in size with a crunchy outer layer and a very grainy, gummy inside. They also taste incredibly boozy. The flavor is predominantly pistachio and amaretto with a lingering smokiness from the chocolate, and they're not very sweet at all. The center is quite moist and chewy and one truffle makes for a filling snack. Mozartkugel are part of Austrian tradition and you are more than welcome to join millions who already tasted this delicious peace of heaven in a such a small chocolate ball. You simply cannot leave Austria without buying those! They are Austrian most famous edible souvenir: in different packaging and all shapes and sizes. It is a good gift for friends and family back home! Just tell them to be very careful: it's easy to overeat since they're too delicious!

Victor Schmidt 50st

09.11.2012 01:20 - Alida Bosch

the first time I ate this faboulous kind of chocolates was some years ago, because a colleague from work, who is from Austria, gave me a two Victor Schmidt Mozart Kugeln, and I just fell in love with them. the combination between marzipan and chocolate is amazing. Now everytime a relative or a friend is going to Wien or anywhere in Austria I ask them to buy me this marevellous bonbons, because where I live in Spain there are no shops which sell Mozart Kugeln, I have tried in many shoing malls as well as in gourmet shos, but I have not been lucky, I hoe in the next future to go and visit this beautifl country and of course eat and buy lots of Mozart Kugeln Victor Schmidt variety. the last time I had these chocolates was some months ago, but now I have not got anymore, so I must buy them from this fabolous site which allows us to enjoy the taste of Victor Schmidt Mozart Kugeln. I am so glad, and hoPe to have my chocolates really soon at my home so as soon as Possible I will be eating them. Congratulations to Kind regards. You are doing a great job

Victor Schmidt 50st

08.11.2012 19:28 - Sarah Ede

I love these chocolates! First brought them on a school trip to Salzburg and they were really nice. It was during a language exchange when I was 15. It was the first time I had visited Austria and I stayed with a girl my own age so it was a great way to experience a different culture and life in Austria. I had a really good time. On one of the days we went on a trip to Salzburg. We visited the Mozart museum and afterwards went to the museum gift shop where they had the Mozartkugeln chocolates for sale. A lot of people were buying them and the chocolates looked very nice in the box and wrapping so I decided to get some. I got a few boxes to give to friends and family back home and as a souvenir of my trip to Austria. They were probably the best chocolates I ever tasted, so I was glad I bought the Victor Schidmt 50 pcs. I really like marzipan and chocolate so its a great combination to have both in the Mozartkugeln chocolates. Recently, whilst having lunch with friends, I was offered the Mozartkugeln after the end of the meal and it reminded me how delicious they taste. Pleased to find them on!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

08.11.2012 19:13 - Monica Reds

nice chocolates :)

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