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Bergbäuerin Mitzi

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Mozart Tasse

06.12.2013 15:01 - Nicola Flore

Prodotto magnifico. Un classico per tutti gli amanti del cioccolato!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100st

06.12.2013 11:49 - Linda monti

My mother was born in Germany and as a small child I remember receiving packages for my aunt who lived in Cologne. Ever year just before Christmas we would await her candy gift. My favorite were the marzipan balls. I would savoir every bite and to this day crave them especially at Christmas time. My fiance and I are getting married in January 2014. It will be a small wedding and I want all of our 30 guests to experience the delightful taste of these candies to remember our special day. I couldn't think of a better way to thank them for being with us to celebrate!

Almdudler 4x2l

06.12.2013 10:22 - Max Werner

Don't let my name fool you, I'm not German or Austrian. I live in Finland. However, My family and I have a thing of visiting Austria and German in holidays, and guess what we always buy? Almdudler. We love it. I still remember the first time I tasted Almdudler, I never thought I would taste anything as perfect as it would be. Since then, always when we are in Germany or Austria, we try find ourselves Almdudler to drink, and later on to bring home with us. You could say we are addicted to it. But who wouldn't be? Almdudler is like a drink from the heavens. I'm glad I found this page, now I know where to get Almdudler from, even when I'm at my own home land! Still, I do wish they would start selling Almdudler at local stores, would be much easier to get the drinks, and not having to wait for the shipping! Oh well, can't complain, can I? My friends who have also tasted Almdudler love it, and I don't blame them ;) Almdudler is the best drink out there, beats them all, even the popular Cola! Thank you for having this site, I will totally bookmark it up for future orders!

Milka Triolade 270g

05.12.2013 18:37 - timmitush

love it

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18st

04.12.2013 02:56 - Bryan McSweeney

I spent several months in Vienna way back, when I was in college, and I ate it almost every day, I just could not resist is. They are tasting great, especially if you like marzipan like I do. If you ever in your life visit Vienna, Mozartkugeln are definitely must! Mozartkugeln are truffles with a pistachio marzipan layer, a hazelnut marzipan layer, almond nougat, and two chocolate shells. The truffles are fairly substantial in size with a crunchy outer layer and a very grainy, gummy inside. They also taste incredibly boozy. The flavor is predominantly pistachio and amaretto with a lingering smokiness from the chocolate, and they're not very sweet at all. The center is quite moist and chewy and one truffle makes for a filling snack. Mozartkugeln are part of Austrian tradition and you are more than welcome to join millions who already tasted this delicious peace of heaven in a such a small chocolate ball. You simply cannot leave Austria without buying those! They are Austrian most famous edible souvenir: in different packaging and all shapes and sizes. It is a good gift for friends and family back home! Just tell them to be very careful: it's easy to overeat since they're too delicious!

Milka Toffee Ganznuss 270g

03.12.2013 19:34 - lyn smith

i purchased three big bars of this chocolate from duty free airport in corfu. I must say it is the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted. will be getting some again for my daughter for Christmas.

Linzer Torte

03.12.2013 00:30 - ahmed almatari

please send me more information about your products including Pack Carton,price, i would like to ship to Yemen?i'd love to buy your products

Almdudler Dose

02.12.2013 21:49 - Dagmar

My son tasted Almdudler while he was stationed in Germany, he went to Austria where he found Almdudler and loves it. he always ask for it and i am so happy to find this site. SO Christmas for my son will be Almdudler. Also Mozart Kuggeln for my daughter. Thanks

Gösser Natur Radler

02.12.2013 05:42 - Shavon Harris

I never liked beer at all because I figured if something has to be acquired why continue trying a disgusting beverage. That all changed when I went to germany to visit friends and they had me try a Radler, although I am only now figuring out what it is called. The drink was delicious that I had one every single night that I was in Germany, and when the supply was all gone we took a wonderful trip to Austria just so that we can get more of a bulk and a better deal. Well I brought some to Paris and Italy and I have finished it off in the United States of America. Since I have finished it I have been raving for weeks about how much I love this special Austrian beer and how it is necessary to find it again. I have searched and searched every European store that I can fine and the only beer I can find is Veltins. During my search I found a man who had an empty radler bottle that he brought back from Austria because he thought it was so delicious and wanted to remember it. That is how I found out the name of the beer and that is what has brought me here. I went from anti-beer to one beer for me, and that is Gosser's Radler.

Milka Schokolade Alpenmilch 270g

02.12.2013 00:34 - alessandro

salve, credo che sia uno dei migliori prodotti della milka perche si sente davvero il sapore del latte e dolce ma no da disgustare quindi lo consiglio davvero a tutti

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